Refrigerated containers for maritime shipping

Maritime transportation has been known for decades. The transportation of goods using containers was and still is one of the most widely used ways to transport cargo. Thanks to modern shipping systems, the role of container ships has changed significantly, and entrepreneurs are happy to choose such international transport of goods. Among the solutions available on the market, refrigerated containers are extremely popular, and it is their use in maritime transport that we would like to address in particular.ย 

When do refrigerated containers work well?

The use ofย refrigerated containersย in maritime transport works well whenever the transport of goods requires the maintenance of an appropriate, controlled temperature. This is especially true for the transportation of food products, including fruits and vegetables, dairy products, as well as fish and meat, among others. Such containers are also used to transport pharmaceutical drugs and other products that need to be kept at the right temperature.

Reliability of refrigerated containers

Certainly, refrigerated containers must exhibit reliability when it comes to their operation. It is known that inadequate temperature can cause the transported goods to spoil or lose their properties due to inadequate thermal conditions. Suppliers of goods should therefore pay special attention to choosing the highest quality refrigerated containers because only they can guarantee the highest quality and thus reliability. It is well known that many products require a constant temperature throughout the entire transportation route. Often the entire transport cycle ranges from several days to several weeks. So in order for these products to be properly protected, it is necessary to maintain specific atmospheric and climatic conditions. In the case ofย refrigerated containers, the conditions are definitely stricter, both in terms of loading the goods, transportation, storage, as well as the unloading itself. Having refrigerated containers, certain procedures must be met in order for them to do their job. The crew of the container ships must have the necessary knowledge, experience and skills to be able to transport all the goods loaded into the containers safely to the final place, that is, to the destination port.


What are the characteristics of refrigerated containers?

Aside from the fact that they almost look the same as the traditional ones, refrigerated containers require that the temperature inside be kept constant. In fact, however, the construction on the inside is definitely different, and on top of that, such a container has a cooling unit that plays an overriding role. Such containers can automatically maintain any temperature. It can reach from -25 to +25 degrees Celsius. Of great importance in all this is, of course, the aforementioned construction, so, among other things, the walls, which are filled with polyurethane foam, as well as the floor, in which floor channels are placed to collect heat from the cargo. As for the cooling unit, it ensures that the temperature inside the container remains constant. And what are the sizes of such containers? The same as the standard ones. So depending on the demand, each customer can choose and opt for a specific solution.

Is it worth choosing maritime transportation?

Is it worth choosing maritime transportation?

One thing is certain – containers are a very good choice, and the use of refrigerated containers is an excellent option for absolutely all suppliers of more demanding products. With a good company that offers specific containers in its product range, whether for rent or for sale, quality is certainly key, and that is what you should focus on.