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Storing of sea containers

A depot is space for empty containers. Yards are located in close proximity to seaports (Gdynia, Gdaล„sk, Szczecin – Poland) or intermodal railway terminals (Warsaw – Poland).

After unloading a ship or train and emptying them of goods, containers are periodically stored in depots before the next journey.


Reloading of containers

Containers from trucks or trains are unloaded with special machines.

A side-loader can reload two empty containers at the same time and it allows you to quickly move entire blocks of containers.

A reach stacker is equipped with a powerful tilting arm and can stack containers over one another. An RST is particularly useful when servicing railway trains as it can handle two parallel carriages at the same time.


Sea container service

After reaching the depot, the containers are thoroughly inspected and classified according to commodity groups.

Some of the containers require operational repairs or cleaning. The service is certified by shipowners (container owners).

Accident damaged containers are also sent to depots. Depending on the damage, they can be scrapped or reconstructed in workshop halls.

Foreman control loading Containers box from Cargo freight ship for import export. Freight containers in sea port.

Refrigerated container service

A refrigerated container is equipped with an RFU aggregate. When plugged in, the cold store is able to maintain even -30ยฐC!

After reaching the depot, refrigerated trucks are directed to the PreTrip Inspection (PTI) and washing. The refrigeration service team also runs warranty inspections.

BALTICON depots are authorised by all cold store manufacturers: Carrier, Daikin, Starcool and Thermo King.


Assembling of flexi tanks and liner bags

A flexi tank is a special piece of equipment, consisting of a multi-layer bag of various capacity, assembled by specialists in a standard 20′ sea container. Flexi tanks are used to transport neutral liquid food loads such as cider, apple juice, etc., as well as non-food loads, such as industrial oils. We also assemble liners for transporting granules and loose bulk load.


Authorised Service Centre

Balticon service is authorised by manufacturers of refrigeration units. The authorization is renewed every year. The service must, inter alia, have an appropriate number of certified service technicians and a spare parts warehouse. Additionally, the service is regularly audited.

Thanks to the status of the authorised service, shipowners can take advantage of warranty repairs and discounts for components.

In order to streamline the entire process related to container traffic coordination, we use the cutting edge computer software.

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