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Container modifications – this is where containers begin their second life…

Modified containers are created from shipping containers. Over the years, containers have begun to be recognized not only as a means of transporting and storing goods. In addition to their intended use, they began to undergo various transformations. Nowadays, modified containers are ideal for use as offices, social facilities, catering and sanitary facilities, and even mobile dwellings. These are just a few of their applications. The advantage of modifications is that their potential depends on human imagination.

Modifications of all types of containers are available in our offer. “We make containers to measure” – experienced staff of specialists, who have their own machinery park, have been making modifications and designs tailored to the needs of customers for many years on the Polish and foreign markets. Our specialists provide assistance and knowledge in the development of individual projects. We are not afraid of any finishing and repair work.

In Balticon’s portfolio, you will find modifications of all types of ISO shipping containers, refrigerated containers and container structures and accessories.

Office containers

Office containers are created from 20′ and 40′ shipping containers. It is also possible to combine them, thus enlarging the space with additional modules. Each container is individually tailored to the customer’s needs.


Catering containers

The modification of containers into catering outlets offers great possibilities in terms of implementation and equipment. They can be made from containers of all sizes, and can be combined with each other to create more space. The structures created are airtight and protect goods from adverse weather conditions.


Sanitary containers

Sanitary containers are great for any construction and guarded sites, mobile offices, service and catering facilities, as well as outdoor events. We can easily customize each structure to meet individual customer needs. We make sanitary facilities from 10′, 20′ and 40′ containers. We also offer a version of 20′ sanitary containers with a septic tank.


Eco House Containers

The Eco House container, a so-called container house ,is an adapted living space made from a shipping container. The containers can be combined into modules to create a larger space both horizontally and vertically with the use of stairs. Eco House is a mobile dwelling, the advantage of which is that that it does not need a building permit. It can therefore be erected anywhere. It functions both as a year-round dwelling or a summer house.


Containers for industry

Industrial containers are containers modified for the needs of industry, including business, service and military, and research institutes.

Depending on the industry, they are individually modified in terms of space, size and equipment.


Accessories dedicated to containers

  • Aluminum ramp – load capacity up to 500 kg
  • Steel ramp – load capacity up to 4 tons
  • Container supports
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