Balticon is not only machines, containers and concrete yards. It is also more than digital space or the system of values on which the company has been built.

Balticon is the people. Every day we work in a community of over 300 people.

Some people are employed on employment contracts in the Balticon group companies. Some colleagues running their own businesses, provide various services for the company: from marketing to repairing machines.

Regardless of the type of work, together we form a community. There are many professions and occupations in the group. Working for Balticon offers many opportunities for ambitious and hardworking people.

Who do we employ?

We believe that the wisdom of the team comes from diversity. For this reason, at Balticon we employ people of various professions and experience in the labour market.

  • No previous work experience
  • With experience in the TSL industry
  • With experience in other industries, but no experience in TSL


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Do you speak English?
ΒΏHablas espaΓ±ol?
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Balticon is a company with Polish roots, also operating abroad. We have branches in Spain and Germany, as well as a group of international clients. We plan to further develop the sales network in the EU countries.

People speaking foreign languages are particularly welcome to cooperate with us.

For such people Balticon provides an option to work at the headquarters in Poland. In the future, there is a possibility of relocation to a different country.

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What does the recruitment process look like?

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Current job offers

Our current job offers

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