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Container transport and logistics is based on point infrastructure (ports, rail terminals and container depots) and means of transport (ships, trucks, container trains and sea containers).
We regularly organize trainings at the depot for those people from maritime companies who, while working in office buildings, have a limited opportunity to experience the practical side of our industry. We offer trainings both to our staff and to employees of our business partners.
At Balticon we care about technological development. We invent, test and implement new technological solutions in logistics. The company employs a team of developers who create unique solutions on a global scale, such as the balticon24 system.

Working for Balticon is an opportunity to gain practical knowledge and learn secrets of the container industry from scratch.


Internship is an opportunity to gain your first experience in the industry. We introduce new people in our company to basics. You will be taken care of by a guardian who will accompany you for the next three months and introduce you to the world of containers!

The internship offer is addressed to people who are last year students or graduates of TFL, Trade, Depot, Finance and/or Accountancy majors. The internships are paid and open the possibility of establishing permanent cooperation!

The internship lasts from three to six months with the possibility of permanent employment.
Working at conference

Trainings for employees

Balticon employees have the opportunity to improve their competences. The company provides trainings in various fields:

  • Onboarding – basics
  • Certifications and authorisations
  • Industry
  • Legal
  • Interpersonal
  • Foreign languages
Business people using laptop  and Financial charts  at meeting o

Training for business partners

We organize trainings for our business partners at the container depot.

  • sea containers – types and construction
  • refrigerated containers
  • functioning of a container depot
  • organization of road transport

Sample career path in a transport team

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