Container depot team


I am the first contact person in the depot. My office is the traffic control centre.

I take care of the efficient flow of all containers through the yard. I coordinate work related to the system operation, as well as giving out and taking containers in.

I place most of my orders via our system i.e. the Balticon24 application.

I collaborate with all employees at the depot, as well as with external customers, carriers and shipowners.”


Machine operator

„“I represent a niche and responsible profession of an operator. I operate unloading of containers from trucks and form railway carriages. I also put containers into service stands and repair halls.

Reach-stackers and side loaders are specialised equipment. I have been trained at Balticon how to operate them and obtained the UDT / TDT qualifications.

I take care of my machines and containers.”



Cold store service technician

„I service a cold store. Every day I receive dozens of containers in which I check the operation of the refrigeration system. The cold stores I have prepared will be loaded with goods and will go to various countries all over the world.

Sometimes I drive a service car to check cold stores in ports or on ships. Not many people specialise in refrigeration systems, so colleagues from other companies usually call us “colders” and ask for help.

I graduated from a technical school for electricians and learnt my profession at a training in Balticon or abroad at cold store manufacturers. In Balticon I have obtained certificates of all global manufacturers of aggregates which are rare on the labour market. In the times of developing containerization, I am a sought-after specialist.”


Locksmith / Welder

“My job is to repair damaged containers. Many of the containers that reach us at the depot require preparing before the next trip.

Some of the containers have minor operational damage. There are also ones after more serious incidents.

My task is responsible because the containers repaired by us will be loaded with goods weighing up to 27 tons! I make sure that they meet the highest safety standards.

I learnt the construction of containers and secrets of the “repairer” profession at my internship in Balticon. After an internal training, I passed the exam and obtained welder’s qualifications.”



Depot manager

“Every orchestra needs a conductor. I work with amazing “artists” who do a great job without my help. I know it well because I started working at Balticon as a dispatcher.

My primary task is to take care of work safety and affairs of various groups: employees, drivers, customers.

Every day I monitor key performance indicators such as service time and quality of repairs. It is my responsibility that shipowners can take from our depot the well and quickly prepared equipment.

I make sure that the drivers are efficiently and culturally served on the depot.”




Transport team


“The truck is my other home. Not only do I work in it, but I also sleep and eat there. In order to make my work comfortable, I always have a refrigerator, dishes and a gas cylinder in the car, which allows me to store and prepare meals.

Working as a driver is a difficult job, but also a very interesting one, because apart from spending many hours on the road, away from home and my family, it gives me an opportunity to see many interesting places.

The services I provide as a driver are of great importance, because thanks to us, drivers, you have full shelves in shops and a constant access to various types of goods. “


Customer manager

““As a customer manager I supervise the courses and transport orders. You contact me when you are planning to transport your container.

I am responsible for entering the data into our system, notifying at the port and supporting our drivers. Every now and then I am on the emergency call duty, thanks to which I provide 24/7 support for the drivers and quiet evenings for my colleagues

In cooperation with the planning department, I care about the reliable and careful execution of transport orders, which has a significant impact on the satisfaction of our customers.”

Happy customer service agent working in call center.


“Every day I make sure that the course is perfectly planned for every driver, taking into account his/her working and driving time. Together with the drivers we are a team that is aware of the importance of time and punctuality in the logistics industry.

We also care about relations with carriers on a daily basis. I plan my work so as to complete as many orders as possible, driving as many kilometres as possible, taking into account service issues, as well the drivers’ private life. Our assumption is: a good team means a healthy relationship!”



““I am to give support to my team. Every team member is equally important to me and I try to support him/her at every step. I take care of the atmosphere at work, help to solve current problems in my department and provide help at any time.

I make sure that everyone feels good in the team, derives satisfaction from the entrusted tasks, broadens his/her skills and strives for development.

I also nurture relationships with our customers, build trust, prepare evaluations, participate in meetings and tenders. I make sure that every customer trusts us and receives professional service at the highest level.

Together with the planning team, we form a well-coordinated team. Thanks to our cooperation and commitment, we are constantly developing, improving and looking for new solutions to improve the quality of our services.”


Heroes of the background

HR specialist

“In the company, I deal with broadly understood HR. On a daily basis, in addition to conducting recruitment processes and analysing applications of potential employees, I deal with topics related to current employees.

I spend some of my time meeting candidates and making phone calls. I am the first person with whom both potential and newly hired employees come into contact. I am well aware of the fact that you only make the first impression once, so my task is to make this impression positive.

I believe that properly conducted HR activities give the company the opportunity to acquire not only numerous valuable employees, but first of all persons.”


Sales specialist

“My job is neither easy nor simple. It is associated with constant contact with people. Customers are different, so my skills should match every one of them.

I’m responsible for establishing and maintaining contact with customers. I sell, rent, order container modifications and organize transport, often together with loading and unloading.

I like what I do because I believe it makes sense. The effect of my work is immediately visible. A delivered container means a satisfied customer.”


Software developer

“I create advanced dedicated software that is used in the company in every area of its activity, from communication with drivers, through coordination of activities related to organization of transport, up to the sale and rental of containers.

I code in php, c ++, C #. Together with my colleagues from the IT department, we form a well-coordinated team, thanks to which we work together efficiently, and this has a significant impact on the results of our work. We always create software in time! “

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