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Refrigerated containers are a special type of shipping container. These are metal structures, usually with lengths:
10’, 20’, 40’ and 45’. They are designed for goods that require special conditions.

They are used for storing and transporting goods and additionally protect against spoilage of products, as they maintain the desired constant internal temperature – both negative and positive.

Due to their function, refrigerated containers are mainly used in the catering, food, retail or pharmaceutical industries.. They can also serve as mobile coolers, giving you the freedom to conduct any seasonal activities.

We offer refrigerated containers in all sizes (10β€², 20β€², 40β€², 45β€²),
types (standard refrigerated, domestic, blastfreezer, isotherm )
and versions (new, refurbished and used refrigerated containers).

Refrigerated containers are built with multi-layered steel or stainless steel walls.
The space between the layers is filled with polyurethane foam. The outer walls are covered with pa olyester varnish.
The floors are thermally insulated. They come in two types: flat and having T-type aluminum profiles (gretting).
The most important element that maintains the desired temperature is a 380 V, 10 kW or 32 A refrigerated unit.

An important issue of refrigerated containers is to have strict standards. Each container must have a PTI (Pre-Trip Inspection) certificate and a sticker of the last inspection. Meeting all standards is a guarantee of the container’s efficiency.

Standard refrigerated container

Standard refrigerated container comes in all sizes (10′, 20′, 40′). It has a gretting floor with ribbed extension.

The device that allows temperature control is a chiller unit from Carrier, Starcool or ThermoKing.

They ensure that the required temperature is maintained between +30Β°C and -30Β°C.

A stable storage environment guarantees the protection and freshness of stored goods.

kontener standard

Domestic refrigerated container

Domestic containers are new and improved containers after one sea voyage in 20′ and 40′ sizes with higher standards.

They have a flat floor, a quiet and efficient unit, and energy-saving LED lighting.

The Domestic container design guarantees excellent protection of stored goods regardless of the weather conditions outside.

The chiller maintains the temperature from +30Β°C to -30Β°C.


Super Store refrigerated container

Super Store refrigerated container is a modular container that has a much larger storage area than a standard refrigerated container.

It is created by connecting two or more 40′ containers together, without dividing walls. The lack of external walls provides greater flexibility of cargo and easier access to goods.

The great advantage of Super Store containers is that they can be expanded and enlarged with additional modules.

The Super Store refrigerated container is powered by Starcool or ThermoKing brand units, which allow maintaining the temperature from +30Β°C to -30Β°C.

super store

Blastfreezer refrigerated container (freezer)

In Blastfreezer refrigerated containers closed products are blast freeze.

Inside, there are several ThermoKing brand units that instantly lower the temperature.

The structures are available in 20′ and 40′ sizes.

Blastfreezer containers also have a flat floor, and the range of temperatures maintained is +30Β°C to -30Β°C.


Isotherm refrigerated container

Isotherms have walls filled with polyurethane foam to protect the container’s contents from sudden temperature changes.
The floor of the refrigerated container is reinforced by longitudinal ribbing – gretting.

Isotherm containers do not have a built-in chiller unit or have a non-functioning one.


Refrigerated containers technical service

We offertechnical services for refrigerated containers. The refrigeration unit should maintain a temperature of -30Β°C to +30Β°C, so it is important to be able to service or possibly repair it.

Refrigerated containers after arriving at the Balticon depot are directed to PTI (Pre-Trip Inspection).

We also perform guarantee inspections and have the possibility of mobile service with travel to the customer.

Balticon depots are authorized by all refrigeration manufacturers – Carrier, Daikin, Starcool, ThermoKing.

We will also be happy to help advise on the selection of the right container and make the appropriate modifications.

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