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Sea containers are closed, metal and mobile structures with unified dimensions.

They are the most popular way to transport cargo both by sea and by land.

They are also an alternative to permanently erected warehouses.

They protect goods from adverse weather conditions and damage. Sea containers can also have a variety of uses and serve, for example, as office space, backup facilities, a catering outlet, or living space.

They come in 10′, 20′, 40′, and 45′ sizes. The variety of uses for sea containers allows you to choose the option adequate to your requirements and needs.

Standard containers

Among the most popular sizes of standard containers are 20- and 40-foot models.

Their versatile nature makes them used for transportation and storage functions. They also work well for transporting a small amount of relatively light goods.

Some additionally have openings that are used for lifting empty containers with a forklift. Reduction of transportation costs is made possible by the consolidation of low-volume cargo.

20-foot containers (about 6 meters) are characterized by good mobility and flexibility of application.

40-foot containers (okoล‚o 12 metrรณw) (about 12 meters) have a large enough cargo area to be used in many industries. They perform transport and storage functions perfectly.

kont standardowy

High Cube containers

High cube containers are characterized by increased external height.

They are 30 cm higher than standard containers.

This dimension of the structure allows easier loading.

They also work better with taller goods or those with unusual dimensions.

High cube sea containers make it easier to store goods that require tight sealing.

kontener podwyลผszany (1)

Insulated containers

Wanting to choose a place that will protect goods from cold and moisture, it is worth opting for an insulated containers.

It is characterized by the fact that its walls, gates and ceiling are covered with mineral wool with a thickness of about 10 cm.

As an additional protection, the structure is finished with MPF panels. This gives special protection from the harmful effects of the weather.

Thanks to such solutions, you can safely store: hand or power tools, construction equipment, as well as production raw materials.

Such containers can easily be equipped with the necessary installations.


Open Top Containers

An open top container, as the name suggests, is a container with an open roof.

The advantage of these containers is the possibility of loading goods from the top, transporting goods that exceed the height of a standard container and those would be difficult to manipulate.

The protective function of the open-top container is performed by a tarpaulin with a rope and customs seal, which protects the goods from water and wind.

open top

BULK containers

Containers used for transporting bulk goods. In addition, they protect against unsealing and moisture.


FLAT RACK Containers

Containers without side walls, which are used to transport heavy and oversized goods. Such a design allows easy loading of goods from the side or from the top.

flat rack

DOUBLE DOOR Containers

A standard container with doors on both sides, allowing loading or unloading from two sides simultaneously.


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Mon.-Fri. 8:00 a.m. โ€“ 4:00 p.m.
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ul. Tadeusza Wendy 15
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