Industial Containers

Industrial containers are containers modified for the needs of industry, including business, service and military, and research institutes.

Depending on the industry, they are individually modified in terms of space, size and equipment.

Past realizations:

Industrial gas warehouse

Made from a 40′ container, it was designed based on standards and regulations related to the safe storage of gases and flammable substances.

Liquid warehouse

The liquid warehouse is a set of compatible 40HC containers, adapted by design to the storage of heavy tanks. Thanks to the solutions used, the tanks are stored in a safe and ergonomic way.

Self-storage warehouses

Self-storage warehouses are available in a variety of sizes and capacities. They allow for the self-storage of goods.

Energy bank

Mobile energy bank is the answer to the requirements of today’s times. Armed with apparatus for storing energy, it is an ideal solution for all those who value economy and ecology. The container is equipped with electrical installation and air conditioning.

Shooting range

The shooting range container was made from a 40′ shipping container. It has isolated 10 shooting positions closed with a roller shutter and has been equipped with electrical, lighting and ventilation systems. The container is insulated and soundproofed with dedicated acoustic foam.

Weapons storage

Weapons storage storages were made of a 40′ container with increased thickness of the outer plating. The container has been equipped with a fire protection system and burglary protection. It also has air conditioning and electrical installation. The floor has anti-slip properties.

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